About Our Cakes

How much do your cakes cost?

Prices vary depending on size, detail, intricacy & complexity of your design. For custom cakes we have a $75 minimum, which generally serves about 12-15 people.

Your cakes LOOK good, but do they taste good too?

So glad you asked! YES! Our cakes are made using only high quality ingredients including real butter, milk, flour, sugar, eggs and fresh fruit. We are constantly testing and trying new flavors to ensure innovation and originality. This ain’t no grocery store cake!

Do you sell sheet cakes, ready-made cakes or “basic” / simple cakes?
Sheet cakes are ONLY offered with a custom cake order. WHY? Well, we pride ourselves on creating one-of-a-kind works of art, so NO, we do not offer “basic” cakes because that’s just not our style. We work closely with you to make sure each “show stopping” cake is unique and reflects the recipient’s personality and sense of style. We create custom “centerpiece” cakes. Not basic cakes.

Since we are a CUSTOM CAKE BAKERY, it is VERY RARE that we have grab-and-go cakes available. If we do, it will be holiday promotion that is advertised on our Instagram / Facebook pages!

Do you make gluten-free or dietary cakes?

There are times we offer gluten-free, however we have found them to be not great sellers. When we do have them they are advertised on our Facebook/Instagram feed. Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer sugar free deserts simply because we have not found recipes that we think are as amazing as our regular cakes. Sorry, but maybe some time in the future.


Will it be cheap?

No, but it will be WORTH IT!

Why are your cakes so expensive?

We are soo glad you asked! Here are a few reasons for ya:

  • We spend a LOT OF TIME creating your cakes.
  • We are talented. PERIOD…
  • We are professional.
  • We use high quality ingredients.
  • All of our work is customized to your specific request and made fresh to order.

So please keep in mind the amount of time it takes to order ingredients for your flavors, mix, bake, frost and decorate your cake. This is a tough job and is extremely time consuming! This is all factored into the price of your cake.

We try our best to stay competitive and offer reasonable prices to our customers, but when you want the BEST… it’s gonna cost you cause it COST US!

Delivery Options

Do you deliver?

Yes, we offer delivery. Price for delivery is based on location.

Do you ship your cakes?

Unfortunately, we do NOT ship cakes. We DO, however, ship our Cake in a Jar, Monster Brownies, Banana Bread and Lemon Pound Cakes. And they make GREAT gifts! Please call the shop (830-556-9387) to place an order. Online sales aren’t available at this time but we may add this in the future.

Tastings and Ordering

How much are cake tastings, and what do they entail?

At this time we are no longer offering in-person tasting. However, we do offer tasting kits that are available for pick-up and you can enjoy them in your own space. The kits are $40, but when you book with us, the $40 is then applied towards your order. You can gives us a call at 830-556-9387 or use our general contact form to schedule your kit.

How can I order a cake, cupcakes or cookies?

There are three ways to order. You can stop by our bakery in Seguin, TX, call us at 830-556-9387 or fill out our Custom Cake Inquiry form. Either way, we’ll need ALL the details regarding your event in order to provide you with a quote: date, time, theme, colors, flavors, amount of servings needed, and any ideas or pictures you have for reference.

How long will you take to get back to me?

We will review your submission and get back to you within 48 hours. For faster service you can give us a call at 830-556-9387 Tuesday through Friday from 10a to 4:30 Central Time. Remember, we are closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Do you have a retail store where I can walk in and purchase cupcakes or view your work?

Yes we have a storefront. However, at this time we are only operating our drive thru or curbside pick-up. Our menu is posted in the drive thru and we can show you anything you would like to see. We offer 8-10 flavors every day.

If it’s pictures you’d like to see, we have almost ALL of our work featured online. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see some of our most recent work!

How early should I place my order?

A cake order should be placed as soon as you have finalized all the details of your event (colors, theme, design, amount of servings, etc.). Since we are usually booked a few weeks (or sometimes months) in advance, we do encourage early ordering. (4-6 weeks advance notice is recommended, but we’re be happy to fit you in whenever our schedule permits.)

4-6 Weeks!? Are you crazy!?

Trust us, we are IN BUSINESS to help serve as many customers as humanly possible. HOWEVER, 1. We ARE HUMANS, and there are only so many hours in the day. 2. We specialize in over-the-top EDIBLE ART! So generally speaking, people who book with us are usually planning parties/events well ahead of time! (NOT at the last minute) We love you, and would be HONORED to create a cake for you. But don’t be mad at us if you wait until the last minute, or want a “SIMPLE CAKE”, because we’re booked. We take all the orders we can fit in. If we’re booked, it just simply means other people DID NOT wait until the last minute. ALSO, we have 15 flavors of cupcakes available DAILY for you to walk in and purchase for last minute orders!

Donations Request Policy

We are happy to be a SWEET part of the community!, so trust that we are donating a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT of our product for great causes! It’s also our pleasure to help charitable organizations whenever we can.

Due to the overwhelming amount of donation requests we receive on a daily basis, we ask that all requests be submitted via our contact form. Please include the name of the charity you represent, what the cupcakes will be used for, and your non-profit tax ID number. Please understand that we are unable to fulfill ALL requests, but we do the best that we can.

Deposits Booking and Cancellations

Is a deposit required when placing an order?

Yes we require a non-refundable 50% deposit on all custom cake orders and a $100 “save the date” deposit on wedding cakes.

WHY is it non-refundable?

Because remember when we told you we BOOK UP often?.. Well there would be NO WAY for us to go back and get all of the customers we said NO to, to backfill YOUR SPOT, if you decide to cancel your order. Your deposit ensures availability and we manage our time and production schedule based on YOUR ORDER.


After we discuss the details of your event and decide on a cake that you like, if you are interested in booking and would like to proceed, we require a non-refundable 50% deposit on custom cakes and a $100 “save the date” deposit on wedding cakes. The remaining balance must be paid in full one week prior to your event. The balance and deposit are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE, meaning you can NOT cancel one date and then change it for another.

What forms of payments do you accept?
We accept all credit cards and cash only. We also can email you an invoice for you to pay online.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?
A non-refundable deposit of 50% for custom cakes and a $100 “save the date” deposit is due upon order placement. Balance is due in full one week prior to your event. If an order is not picked up on the day of delivery or delivery is denied, the client is still responsible for the full balance of the order. We will make every attempt to contact you in the event of a missed pickup or denied delivery. If a cancellation is made less than one week prior to your event, the balance is still due in full. *Please understand that when you book an order, we decline other orders. If you cancel, that could result in thousands of dollars lost, just to accommodate your order (obviously, whether you cancel or not).

In the event of cancellation:

  1. All requests for cancellation must be made in writing.
  2. If a cancellation is received, your deposit will not be refundable.
  3. If a cancellation is received less than one week prior to the promised
    delivery/pickup date, the full balance is still the client’s responsibility.

We hope that we’ve answered all your questions! If we’ve missed anything, drop us a line here!

If you’re ready to book, click here and tell us all about your event!

Either way, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for even CONSIDERING Seguin Sweet Treats!